Ensuring we are environmentally friendly

It’s in our nature! Looking after the environment is such an integral part of our global economy and indeed our future, so ensuring that we have sustainable business practices is a key priority. At SIM, we take this responsibility very seriously, so responsible procurement, sustainability, recycling and carbon offsetting are all factors we consider when developing supplier and consumer relationships.

Materials Matter

Paper & Board

Essential for printing, recycling excess paper and film is key to the sustainability of our company and our future footprint. We operate a range of recycling methods for paper, board, packaging and film to ensure nothing goes to waste. This is a universal practice across the SIM group, not just for prints but for our framing and book binding procedures as well.


Every wood product that we use across our brands, from wooden USB’s to wall mounted canvases, is completely FSC Certified or Recycled FSC Certified. Maintaining this principle throughout our environmentally friendly mission means responsible sourcing, certified production and most importantly longevity through sustainability.

Waste Not Want Not

Big Blue Planet

Try Big Blue Bins! We currently hold 6 huge (blue) recycling containers on site to ensure all shapes and sizes of paper, board, card, composite and film can be stored until collection day! We also have resident metal, acrylic and plastic recycling containers that are only emptied when full, to reduce petrol fumes as well. We are partnered with "Pearce Group" who collect, sort, recycle and recreate materials for sale such as paper, newsprint, packaging, tissue and pet friendly animal bedding. In 2017, we recycled over 11 tonnes of reusable paper and board, which means we saved over 200 trees! Recycled paper also produces 73% less air pollution than if it was made from raw materials, so every little bit of recycling really contributes to looking after our planet.
“Each tonne of recycled paper will save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 3 cubic meters of landfill space, 4000 KW of energy and 7000 gallons of water.”
Pearce Recycling group - Trusted trade partner of Sim Lab

Even the ugly stuff

We're committed to ensuring your orders arrive safely, which means additional cushioning in every available space. We recycle our own cardboard waste on site by creating shredding to pad our boxes for delivery. We know its not pretty, but if it means staying green then we know you'll be keen, albeit a little dusty too. We also use Pregis spiral paper in our parcels, which is of course 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. This means that NO trees are cut down to product this paper and we wouldn't have it any other way. Last year we saved 12 whole trees by choosing this supplier and here is to saving even more in 2019!

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